About Us



About Us: Zooberi = Swahili for STRONG.

ZooberiM is an exceptional online marketing business.

Who does ZooberiM best serve?
Entrepreneurs, professionals, small businesses and with a good fit even corporations. ZooberiM can also provide our services to schools, hospitals, and basically any organization that needs to have a solid online presence and wants to reach their target market and target audience.

Why team up with ZooberiM for your marketing?

Because we actually listen. We listen to you AND the people you serve.
Because we understand how much your business means to you.
Because we consider ourselves as part of your team. We represent your brand name as if it were our own.

What does ZooberiM excel at?

  • Lead Generation
    We use a combination of web properties to get you direct phone calls, form fills or emails for your niche in any(almost) location in the world. You only pay for the calls/mails/form fills for the keyword in the zip code area of your choice.
  • Google My Business (GMB) local domination
    Our team and systems will get you in the GMB 3-pack. Depending on the competition, this can be really fast.
    How doe we do this? By leveraging G properties plus other secret sauce tools combined into a strategy that absolutely positivley gets the results.
  • Online Reputation Management.
    ZooberiM not only manages your reputation, but actively Markets your reputation and integrates this with your brand on your GMB and FB pages. Our systems allow you to monitor the performance of your team, be it in the sales and service departments or any other area of your business. You can track customer ‘happiness’ in real time.
  • SMS live chat
    Our systems enable you to connect with customers in real time via sms, even use your landline as an sms. You will be surprised about how many customers prefer sms contact instead of a phone call.
  • Video Marketing
    Our team will produce high value video material to boost both your brand and business leads.
  • Website Rentals
    Our team builds the site for the niche, keywords and location of choice. We rank this and the associated web properties, then you simply rent this from us at a great rate. No fuss about setup, maintenance and all things associated with ranking. Simple rent and rank model.

How do we do this?

ZooberiM keeps it simple:
Assess – Plan – Implement – Report – Measure – Improve

Have Queries?

If you have any questions or need any ideas you wish to discuss, please connect with us via the contact page.